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Quantum jump your success with our Fast Start modules designed to get your first 5 clients fast. We cover a simple yet powerful funnel sequence that’s designed to bring you clients on demand. You’ll discover what to say to potential clients. How to create your irresistible offer for packages that sell themselves. With a 21 page workbook on where to find clients for free. You’ll come away with your 90 Day Game Plan. Turning you from hobbyist to professional business owner. Get ready to take massive action in your business.

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Your mindset is an 80% determining factor towards your success. You can have the best tactics and strategies in place, but without the right belief in yourself and your service, none of that will matter. Recorded guided meditations and empowering belief downloads to support your mindset for ultimate success. Your Money Clearing Meditation will have you owning your prices with elegance and integrity. Guided manifesting meditation with the Merkabah to Call in your Soulmate Clients with grace and ease. Soul-Fuelled Selling is a divine and holy service to others. Surrender shame for asking for money for your gifts, knowledge and genius.

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You’ll get scripts and templates that help you identify your niché, create your elevator pitch and make confident sales calls with potential clients. Create a irresistible package for your service, so that you can create recurring revenue.

  • Your Business Vision
  • Money Mastery
  • Your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)
  • Finding Your Niché
  • The Discovery Call – Million Dollar Closing Script
  • Getting Clients Fast with Facebook Lives Formula
  • Creating Your Signature Packages
  • Highly Converting Webinar Template, and more…