3 Months one-to-one Bespoke Intuitive Healing,
Mentoring and Coaching Program

Awaken the Goddess Within to Magnetise Your Divine Compatible Soulmate

Leading successful women to awaken their feminine energy, and step into their power to manifest their dream, sacred love! 

Are you ready to become more irresistible, radiant, and beautiful than ever?

Feeling loved, cherished, and adored by your dream Soulmate? It’s time to becoming the one, to fall in love with yourself, and embody your feminine power, to become a high vibrational match to the frequency of love.

This is a deep energetic transformation for women whose hearts deeply desire to be in a healthy, happy, loving, passionate, and romantic soulmate relationship and need support and guidance to manifest it.

Would you like to
  • Become a High-Value Queen so that your Soulmate will be mesmerised by you and totally committed?
  • Learn to be confident in your own skin and have an unshakable connection between your mind, body, and soul.
  • Embody your feminine energy so you become more radiant, open, flowing, and able to receive so that you can magnetise a masculine devoted love.
  • Learn how to be a sexy, juicy, and sensual Goddess through the art of Belly Dancing.
  • Gain more clarity about what you want in a Soulmate and the type of relationship you wish to manifest.

Successful women seeking the Divine Sacred Soulmate Relationship

3 Months one-to-one Bespoke Intuitive Healing,
Mentoring & Coaching Program

Theta Healing® Sessions

A powerful and rapid tool for reprogramming mindset. By transforming how you think, how you feel, how you act, and therefore the results you achieve.

Love & Relationship Coaching

A deeper and potent process to address further resistance and self-sabotage by focusing on setting and achieving goals to create a long-lasting love.

Mindset, Strategies & Actions

Channeled strategies and actions tailored to you and your needs so that you can come into alignment with your desired relationship fast, they will help you to integrate and support your new reality.

Virtual Belly Dancing Lessons

A powerful way to awaken potent divine feminine energy and contributes to the stimulation of the creative energy that resides in the Sacral Chakra. This movement also releases built-up energy that is associated with emotions. Overall, this sensual dance will help you to express your spiritual power as a woman.

This is for you if
  • You have been a single woman for a while, you keep attracting the wrong guys and you are wondering where the right one is
  • You may be the one who constantly over gives and doesn’t have her emotional needs met
  • You watch your friends getting married and starting families and you wonder when its going to be your turn
  • You’re afraid to fully express yourself and show your vulnerabilities to a man because you fear rejection
  • You take the lead and try to control the relationships
  • You love personal development, and you are willing to do what it takes to magnetise the one
  • You have a deep desire to become the better version of yourself, increase your self-esteem, worthiness, and self-love
  • You know there are limiting beliefs and past experiences holding you back and you are ready to evolve out of them
  • You are aware deep down that you deserve a healthy, loving, and passionate relationship but you don’t know how to manifest it
  • You know your Soul is calling you to finally own your power and to have the audacity to be a High-Value Queen and to be unapologetically you.

Become an empowered and magnetic High-Value Queen who attracts an extraordinary relationship!

This program is NOT for you if…

❌You are looking for a quick fix

❌You are unwilling to take responsibility for your life or to do the inner work

❌You are unwilling to make a commitment for the long-term transformation

❌You are not ready to let go of all your mind chatters of why you are still single.

Embody your irresistible feminine energy

  • Harness your feminine power to upgrade your love life.
  • This program is ideal if you want to empower yourself to be a highly valuable woman, to feel whole and complete all on your own, to transform your self-doubts into magnificent confidence, abundant self-love, and bountiful self-worth.
  • To understand yourself, male commitment mindset, dating, and relationships. To magnetise your Divine Sacred Soulmate and receive the abundance of love, respect, connection, intimacy, and passion that your heart yearns for by being in your beautiful Feminine Energy.
  • You will go from ignored to adored.
  • After all, you are a freaking Beautiful Goddess.

Giada Tramonti works internationally as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Love & Relationship Coach and Belly Dancer.

I’m passionate about empowering successful women who are unfulfilled and stuck in their relationships and unsuccessful dating patterns to become the confident, irresistible, magical, sensual High Valuable Queens that I know they are.

As an Energy Healer of over 8 years, I’ve witnessed many women stepping into self-love, and self-worth, awakening their Feminine Energy to freely express their authenticity, shift their spiritual consciousness, achieve a deep transformation and healing, and attract a devoted masculine Soulmate Love.

I’ve has also helped women to release emotional imbalance, blocks, anxiety, and fears so that they could finally live their life on a soul-led level.

client results

The Divine Life-Partner Soul Mate

you share your divine timing, life mission life purpose and vision.

Are you ready to unlock the most incredible key to lasting love?

You will fall in love with yourself, embody your irresistible feminine energy and attract your dream soulmate.

Past resentments towards men, trauma, toxic relationships, family patterns, destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs, fears and any blocks that are holding you back will be healed. You will be transformed into the most exquisite and divine version of yourself, ready to embrace your new divine story.

Heal and release any body shame into feeling sensual, sexy, magic, divine and become a juicy Goddess.

Step into the high Valuable Queen version of yourself and see men become intensely attracted to you and mesmerised by you everywhere you go.

Gain more clarity about what you want to attract in your Divine Soulmate and in a relationship. Learn to not settle for anything less. You simply won’t allow any behaviours that are not in alignment with your desires.

The Process

Holistic combination of transformative healing, intuitive guidance, coaching, mindset strategy, aligned actions and Belly Dancing.

This program is a deep energetic journey of transformation. Results are achieved by releasing limited subconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviours until you are free to manifest your dream relationship with your compatible Soulmate. You will evolve into the higher version of yourself by strengthening your inner being, your confidence, and your energetic alignment to receive limitless love, passion, and adoration. You will effortlessly embody your feminine energy around a man while feeling the freaking awesome Goddess and the Beautiful woman that you are. You will learn how to communicate with a man by staying in your juicy feminine energy and how to make sure your needs and boundaries are respected and met in a relationship.

Through a holistic combination of transformative healing, intuitive guidance, channelled messages, mindset techniques and strategies and Belly dancing you will be guided to awaken your feminine energy and the power within. We will rewire your brain, heal, and release your deepest wounds and we will ignite and increase your love and power so that you can start honouring and loving yourself first.

Belly dance helps us release blockages in our bodies where we’ve been conditioned to hold onto emotional baggage. It helps balance our chakras and it heals on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). It is an expression of love, it is a celebration of beauty, femininity, and the stages of womanhood. It is a powerful way to activate personal transformation bypassing the mind through the flow of movement for a truly somatic healing experience.

This program is not about playing games or using shallow strategies with men, it is all about you! Your self-esteem will soar, and you will naturally be a magnet to your Soulmate.

The 4 Pillars of the Program

01. Elevate

We start identifying and healing any limiting beliefs, destructive behaviours, and childhood patterns that are holding you back so that you can elevate into the highest version of yourself and feel confident, worthy and the high valuable Queen that you are.

02. Unleash

We release and forgive any resentments, anger, hurts, and distrust towards men, heal past and toxic relationships, energetic divorce from previous lovers so that will finally start claiming your power back. This is a crucial part, as your identity about love and relationships will totally be transformed. This will allow you to be more receptive, open, and in alignment to attract your dream relationship.

01. Radiant

We awaken your divine feminine energy, you will feel sexy, juicy, magnetic, sensual, soft but fierce when necessary, loving, and supportive towards yourself. You are ready to shine, embody the beautiful and Magnetic Goddess within and open up to receiving a devotional masculine love from your Divine and Sacred Soulmate.

02. Create

We gain clarity of what you have to offer in a romantic relationship, the qualities you wish to attract in your Soulmate, and your dream relationship. We start implementing strategic actions which will allow you to come into alignment with your desires fast. This may include making new lifestyle choices, relationship changes, implementing body exercise, so that you can finally receive limitless love, devotion, and adoration from your Divine Soulmate.

Divine Compatible Soul Mate


Program includes:

  • 45mins Call before starting the program
  • 9x1h Fortnightly Calls thereafter
  • 3x1h Belly Dancing
  • Unlimited voice messages for three months via Whatsapp

All calls are recorded so you can get benefits of the energetic work for a lifetime

Bonus Gifts:

  • 1 rose quartz bracelet infused with love 

  • 1 personalised meditation of your dream relationship with your Divine Soulmate

more client results

Working with Giada, I realised I was showing up with my masculine side with all my relationships with men. As results, I was attracting men who didn’t want to commit or left me confused. Giada helped me to clear my blocks, fears and doubts, I now feel empowered and confident, I no longer need to prove my worth. I feel at ease and comfortable to own my femininity, I no longer feel ashamed. I am more balanced and feel whole and complete.

Jo C.I no longer need to prove my worth.

Why work with me?

I know the path you are on because I have once travelled it, and I also know how to change it. My approach is different because I combine Belly Dancing with subconscious mindset work, Intuitive Energy Clearing, Coaching, and strategic aligned actions to give you the fast results you want in love while having fun and feeling at ease.

I work quickly to empower you, by rewiring your subconscious programming so that you feel deeply lovable, whole, highly valuable, sensual, and magical. At the same time, I will guide you on how to embody your beautiful feminine energy to personify the Goddess within.

You will naturally flow into the most exquisite version of yourself so that you can be cherished and adored like a Queen. I will guide you to effortlessly triple your dating confidence and teach you how to communicate with a man whilst in your feminine energy.

My personal Spiritual journey started over 20 years ago, I am trained in multiple approaches and healing modalities. As I witnessed fast healing and change within myself and my life, I applied the same process used to address my own resistance and self-sabotage to my love goals, to help women to achieve the same effective results.

Being a passionate and intense woman, one of my deepest desires has always been to share an amazing and loving connection with my Soulmate, but instead, I used to attract men who didn’t want to commit or were emotionally unavailable. Rather than giving up, I shifted my focus and my energy into personal growth. I did a lot of inner work and consciously choose to take consistent actions to change my reality.

Fast forward, my journey led me to Belly Dancing, which was the missing puzzle piece to my complete awakening into my divine feminine power. Belly dancing helped me to connect deeply with myself and embody my highest power. It allowed me to celebrate my body as the temple of my soul. Once, the body aligns the energy within, the soul experiences supreme oneness. As I integrated this new version of myself, my desired Soulmate relationship manifested very quickly.

If you are ready to heal, to up-level into the highest version of yourself, and finally claim the divine Soulmate love that nourishes your soul, the type of love where you feel an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connection. To finally let go of any resistance, fears, self-doubt, and old stories, to be totally committed to you, to take full responsibility for yourself and your life, then I am ready to help you to transform and evolve so that you can confidently manifest your Dream Love.

Only limited spots are available.


Embody your feminine energy to be more radiant, open, able to flow, and to receive so that you can magnetise a masculine devotional love.

It’s time to embrace your feminine goddess