Leading 7-Figure Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Business Advisor and Transformational Teacher Anna Kitney

Empowering soul-centered women leaders and entrepreneurs to get their greatest work out in the world.

SoulAlign® Money

Creating unlimited prosperity by mastering your relationship with money.

8 Week Mastermind Coaching Program: 8 DEC 2021 – JAN 31 2022

Upgrade your money mindset & uplevel your prosperity. That creating money in your life became a fun game and a pleasure. That you could go on the luxury holidays without having to worry about the bill. That you could invest in your business with hiring support instead of trying to do everything yourself. Where you truly embodied that riches are spiritual. That you deserved to be abundantly reward for your great work in the world. We live in an abundant universe. When you ask, it is given. Your task is to release all the the resistance to receiving infinite abundance.



Spiritual Business Advisor, Intuitive Coach and Mentor

I’m an entrepreneur, international speaker, Spiritual Business Advisor and Master Energy Healer. I’ve worked with thousands of women from around the world over the past 15 years to help them create wellbeing, prosperity and awaken to their life purpose.  I work with extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact in this world that is in alignment with their soul’s calling. I am passionate about seeing my private clients awaken to their destiny, create their legacy and support them to make their dream a reality.


Elite Private Coaching

By application only program that’s reserved exclusively for extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact and leave a legacy in this world. Limited spots are available.

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soulALIGN® Business

Start and build your soulful serviced-based business with this self-study 6-month online training program. You have a deep calling and desire to create a business that will make a real impact in the world. A unique blend of energy healing, mindset tools, coaching and rapid business growth strategies.


soulALIGN® Selective

Private Facebook Community to empower soulful entrepreneurs and change-makers to create freedom, profit and legacy through spiritual alignment. You’ll be mentored to evolve as the best version of yourself and enter a realm where anything is possible.



Education is the most powerful tool to change the world.


Join the Fate Changers

Are you ready to uplevel your business to create extraordinary growth​ that is more aligned with your soul’s purpose?

This is for leaders, change-makers, innovators and spiritual entrepreneurs that wish to create an empire and leave a lasting legacy.