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A 5 day immersion online course into manifesting anything you want. Together we'll increase your self worth. You'll discover how to become an energetic match to your desires. Release the scarcity mentality into abundance through accessing divine guidance.

Module 1: How to Manifest Anything You Want

  • Steps to successful manifesting
  • Discover what’s been holding you back
  • The Map of Consciousness – becoming an energetic match to your desires
  • How to up level areas of your life
  • Letting go of the fear of success

Module 2: Increasing Your Self Worth

  • Energy Clearing to shift into abundance mindset
  • Forgiveness Meditation to increase flow of abundance
  • Raising your standards, creating non-negotiables

Module 3: Becoming A Vibrational Match to Your Desires

  • How to muscle test yourself for self limiting beliefs
  • Letting go of control and opening up to allowing
  • What is your new motivation to move forwards, instead of your old story of pain, illness, debt, suffering
  • What is your new marker of progress – how will you know your moving forward
  • Energy Clearing – Abundance Money Mindset

Module 4: Releasing Scarcity Mentality into Overflow

  • What did you discover about yourself
  • Clearing Upper Limits to what you desire
  • Letting go of scarcity story; not enough love or money. Either/Or
  • ABC: Always Be Connected
  • The Decade Planner Tool: what if the could still be your best year, your best decade?
  • Goal Planning Tool and Strategy to make it happen!

Module 5: Accessing Divine Guidance

  • The other Laws in manifesting, other than the Law of Attraction
  • Letting go of the story of struggle
  • How to take Quantum Leap – connecting with your higher self in the future for healing and guidance! – with Exclusive Guided Meditation

BONUS: How can it get better than this?

  • Recorded Q&A
  • Energy Clearings

I’m Anna Kitney.

I’m a self-made multiple 6 figure serial entrepreneur, Spiritual Business Advisor, Intuitive Coach and Mentor.

I’m Theta Healing® Master Instructor and Practitioner and Spiritual Business Advisor. I’m also the CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s leading Theta Healing® training organisation that is world renowned.

I work with extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact in this world.

I am passionate in seeing my private clients awaken to their destiny, create their legacy and support them to make their dream a reality

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More Love and Money



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