From $0 to 6 Figures in 2 Days Gameplan: Soulful CEO’s Immersive Business Training


How to start and scale your service-based business


This course is an immersion to start and grow your soul-led coaching or healing business to 6 figures+ using both the masculine and feminine principles. It's time to unlock your deepest potential. Go deeper in order to remove your money blocks, gain clarity about your intuitively led strategies, and leave with an up-levelled mindset and empowered for success.

It's time to stop waiting for when the time is right. The time is NOW! This is your exclusive opportunity to fast-track your success and business as well as deepen your connection with like minded women and dramatically improve your service based business. The fastest way to attract ideal clients and transform your degree, certification, education or passion into sustainable financial freedom.

Mindset and recalibration to receive more.

Uplevel your beliefs about money, sales, clients and business in order to take the soul-aligned actions. Raise your self-worth, your wealth consciousness and your energetic capacity to serve more people. Recalibrate to attract clients with grace, ease and flow.

How to create clients on demand.

You learn how to price your services that feel aligned to you and your ideal clients. How to sell with soul and integrity. How to set-up passive income into your business with simple automated systems. Discover energetic sales strategies that expand your potential to serve more.

Define your niché and ideal perfect-for-you client.

Your niche is the urgent problem you solve and the group of people you solve it for. When you know exactly who your ideal client is, everything in your business, from branding and messaging to marketing and sales, becomes so much easier!

Soul-led strategy for $10K months and beyond.

Position yourself as a leader in the industry you’re in and collapse time around how fast people see you in your positioning. When you live a life of service and share your gifts freely, people will be reaching out to you. You'll reverse engineer your success by connecting to your future self and higher self. This answers are within.

Sold a $12,000 Client Package, $14,000 Group Program & Quit Her Day Job!

Claire Gorman joined the SoulALIGN® Business Coaching program. She’s sold her first $12,000 package to a private client, launch a group program and made $14,000. She’s quit her day job as a hairdresser and working toward a $250,000 revenue goal! And she achieved that in full lockdown in Melbourne, Australia!


Tap into your zone of genius and unleash it on the world. Get paid for being authentically you. Have an extraordinary business from a place of alignment and ease.

Alchemy of strategy and energetic principles.


What can be tracked can be measured. We'll evaluate your current standards in life and business and uplevel where required. Create a new set of non-negotiables to increase the quality of your life. We'll review your current business systems and process to streamline and automate.


You will manifest everything you want when you know yourself, lead yourself and can be fully and deeply with yourself. We'll embody the highest self into the now. Silencing the inner critique and liberating your highest truth. Peeling back layers of old and outdated programming to re-code your original blueprint.


Need cash fast to grow and scale your business? I'll share some rapid cash generating secrets that can fund growth and expansion for you, and your clients. How manifest the revenue by letting go go the attachment of how it must show up. Be open an available for plenty from all sources.


How to create clients on demand with a simple funnel. We'll brainstorm your ideal opt-in to attract the perfect-for-you-clients. Intuitive-led strategies with the right mindset to creating momentum and recurring sales.

Take the quantum leap in your business, grow your income, impact and authority.

Your psychology is 80% of your results!
I’ve always allowed the Divine to lead me in business. Of all the success I have created over the last 22 years in running companies, the things that shifted it the fastest was when I allowed God to be the CEO. When I went into stillness, when I let go of attachment to the outcome, when I surrendered to the will of the universe and when I was only focused on service and impact for my clients.
You still require the basic fundamentals of business like sales and marketing. Without these skills you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. But none of it will work unless you are acting out integrity and have the right mindset. Your psychology is 80% of the results! When you get into energetic alignment with your message, your service, your offer and your price starting and growing a business is easier and faster.
The most successful people in the world are focused on others, rather than themselves. When the virtue of service is the big why. When you desire to add more value, over-deliver and keep your promises.
I’ll share my advanced processes for Quantum jumping for soul-led visioning and strategy. How to sell high-ticket offers with ease and grace and advanced sales strategies and the mindset shifts you need for lasting success.

About Anna Kitney




Anna Kitney is a self-made 7-figure Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Advisor and International Speaker who empowers soul-centred women leaders and entrepreneurs to get their greatest work out in the world.

Anna has run and operated 4 companies in the last 23 years which have generated millions of pounds in revenues. CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s leading Theta Healing® training organisation that is world-renowned. She’s trained thousands of therapists internationally. 

Anna Kitney Coaching and Mentoring is based in London, with premium offerings to elevate entrepreneurship in the wellness, healing, coaching and personal development sector. A unique blend of soul-led strategy, utilising innate intuitive ability, energetic recalibration and mindset reprogramming to accelerate results.

At the highest level, Anna offers of private advisory and coaching to legacy leaders, change makers, royalty, celebrities and business owners at the multiple 6-7 figures. With bespoke programs created for each private client to accelerate growth on ever level as a high performer that is underpinned by soul-led purpose, divine timing and legacy.

She’s been part of high-level masterminds with female entrepreneurs generating over $50 million dollars in revenue in their businesses. She’s worked across a broad range of industries from advertising, interior design, energy healing, but ultimately committed to empowering women through personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Have desire to create an extraordinary business from alignment and ease


You’re ready to recode your wealth consciousness.


You’re ready to tap into your zone of genius and unleash it on the world.


You desire to position yourself as a leader in your industry and collapse time to get there faster!

Scale and grow your business with ease, grace and joy.

Andrew Rowe

In 18 days I’ve booked 25 clients! Made £11K this month.

“Biggest achievement, I handed in my notice yesterday. As of the 29th April 2021, I will be officially fully employed in my own business!!! I have full support from my manager, colleagues and partner. Most importantly I KNOW this is the best decision and the right decision! Bring it on.”

Real people with life-changing results


She was broke, and had no job. And built her business from her mobile phone!!

Rita joined one of our free training inside the SoulAlign® Selective FB group. She watched just one of the pieces of training. We taught how to create a unique package that sells itself. She was broke and had no job. And built her business from her mobile phone!! She started making sales and then joined the SoulAlign Business program. “I sold a package at £900 on June 2020 and in the same year, 1 month and a half in August 2020 I was selling it for £3300. 2021 was already at £5k, now going for £8k (but now is a different package)" Rita upgraded to the group coaching option and sold an £8k offer!




Lifetime access + unlimited replays + any future updates for life.

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Lifetime access + unlimited replays + any future updates for life.

You get immediate access to all 15 modules

Workbooks, tools and resources