Unleash Your Divine Brilliance

hello beautiful soul

You are being called towards something great! This is for the aspiring extraordinary entrepreneur. The fierce female goddess waiting to be unleashed into the world. For the woman who wishes to create empires with impact. For soul-led divas who are done playing it small or standing in the shadow of others.

Isn’t it time to embrace your deepest and greatest version of yourself? To be the ORIGINAL YOU.  Be visible and seen in all your glory and vibrancy. Shine your truth, your voice, your message to the world.

Stop waiting for permission to be your fullest version of you, therefore you no longer need to tone it down for others. ALL OF YOU is being called forth.

Re-align to a greater vision for your life, beyond the paradigms and constructs created by others. Create an evolved and compelling vision that will fuel your fire.

I invite you to this live virtual training to discover just how magnificent and brilliant you actually are!

In HINDUISM the AVATAR is a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.

Enter into a category of ONE.


Become ICONIC in your arena.



Liberate your soul’s blueprint

to embody the highest version of you.

Transform the inner voice, the critic. Learn to silence the ego mind, so that you can activate your soul's blueprint and message. Learn the art of extreme self-care as a daily ritual that honours you, your body and your purpose. Awaken to your inner potential lying dormant, and allow that to shine through. Craft your authentic voice and message. Embody your authentic identity.

God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

A Course in Miracles
Hi, I’m Anna Kitney

I’m a serial entrepreneur, International Speaker, Theta Healing® Master Instructor and Practitioner and Spiritual Business Advisor. I work with extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact in this world.

But I wasn’t always like this. Early in my life I suffered from very low self-esteem and lack of confidence. I didn’t really value myself. I had very few friends. I was bullied in school, I felt isolated and misunderstood. I felt used and taken advantage of by others. I would over-give just so people would be nice to me! I allowed myself to be manipulated. In my early 20’s I would show up for jobs and not get paid! Enough was enough!

SoI got to work by transforming myself from the inside-out. Through the daily commitment of inner work that I still do this day.

But I promise you, confidence and self-worth can be cultivated. Let me show you how.

I’ve run businesses since I was 23 years old. In the past 12 years I generated millions from my businesses. This is my 5th company. I’m also the CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s leading Theta Healing® training organisation that is world-renowned. I’ve trained thousands of therapists internationally. I’ve invested thousands of pounds into impact projects that are creating sustainable change.

I’ve been coached and mentored by Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Ali Brown and Gina DeVee. I’ve been part of high-level masterminds with female entrepreneurs generating over $50 million dollars in revenue in their businesses. I’ve worked across a broad range of industries but ultimately committed to empowering women through personal growth and spiritual transformation, so that they can get their greatest work out into the world.

I’m passionate about creating a business that ignites your passions, multiplies your income, and impacts the world by doing the work that is abundant, soulful and meaningful.

Program Outline

Self-study Course


Prework: Remembering Your Truth

Identify who you really are. Acknowledge all your strengths without the filter of weaknesses. Discover your untapped potential and liberate yourself from self-imposed limits!


Embracing the Learning Process

Heal the self-punishment of mistake from the past. Surrender old stories of failure. Learn to embrace mistakes as part of the learning process. You’ll learn how to move through them faster and soften the blow so that you can grow, evolve and transcend the suffering.


Treating Yourself with Extreme Self-care

How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. It’s time to uplevel your self-care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The journey toward greatness is with self kindness, gentleness and discipline. For instance, been open and available to be gentle with yourself as you develop confidence when learning new skills and applying the knowledge.


Silencing the Inner Critic

Learn to silence the ego mind, the inner harsh critic. You’ll remember that your body may be young, but your soul is very old. Start listening to the inner Buddha or wise one inside of you. She has all the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes. Get ready to elevate your vision, mission and calling whether it’s on video, audio or written word. Your voice, your message delivered from soul.


Increase Self-worth to Increase Net-worth

The journey toward greater selfworth is an evolving one. Set new standards and non-negotiables for yourself. Upgrade the quality of your life with key decisions, rather than waiting for ‘one day’. Stop dreaming and start doing. Stop waiting, and start receiving. As you claim your soul’s blueprint, you activate more of your abundance so that you can fulfil your mission. 


Cultivating Confidence

Become the leader, not the follower. Cultivate self-mastery amidst the chaos of the outside world. Become unwavering in your faith of who you are, and what you came here to do. Be available to step into the realm of possibility, potentiality and expansion. Go beyond the rules set by society, create your own rules. 


Unleash the Diva within


Self Mastery and Staying the Course

Recorded hotseat laser coaching calls with Anna Kitney. Tools and strategies for self-mastery. Staying in alignment and taking action from soul-led flow.


The promise you made before incarnation

Recorded hotseat laser coaching calls with Anna Kitney. Guided meditation and energy clearing for your soul’s blueprint and activation of abundance codes. 

Claire Gorman - Avatar Testimonial

Confidence and self-worth can be cultivated. Let me show you how.

I invite you to join me for self-study program to unleash your divine brilliance. Learn how to tap into the confidence you already have, and uplevel your self-worth. Because when you uplevel your self-worth, you uplevel your net-worth.

Above all as you expand in your brilliance you give permission for others to do the same.


What you’ll get:

  • 8 interactive trainings
  • Lifetime access to all the trainings
  • Bonus content added at no extra cost.
You are being called towards greatness!
It’s your moment to shine.

Stop waiting for permission to be your fullest version of you. Shine your truth, your voice, your message to the world.

ALL OF YOU is now being called forth.

Claim it.

Embody it.

Set yourself free.