Creating unlimited prosperity by mastering your relationship with money.

live fully from divine abundance

I’ll teach you how to master the inner game which is



of the results.


reclaiming the wealth of our inner resources


With Self-Made 7-Figure Spiritual Business Coach, Anna Kitney to Upgrade Your Money Mindset & Uplevel Your Prosperity.

Do you ever feel
  • That you’re just not earning at your fullest potential?
  • That no matter how hard you work, you just can’t get ahead?
  • That budgeting and ‘living within your means’ triggers feelings of deprivation?
  • Do you sometimes feel a voice of doubt coming from within when you attempt to reach for more?
  • Do you ever struggle with feelings of unworthiness, fear, self-sabotage, or even the idea that money is bad, wrong or evil?
  • Do you sometimes spend money wastefully and regret it later?
  • Are you subconsciously digging debt holes to get yourself out, and you don’t know why?
  • Do you avoid looking at your banks statements hoping that one day it will sort itself out?
  • Are you waiting for Prince Charming to come save you, or placing your faith on one day winning the lottery?
  • Is money often the reason you deny yourself the things you want and deeply desire?
  • Do you think that you just don’t come from a family to create financial success?
  • Do you find that you can’t seem to get past a certain number in savings or a certain amount in debt? Do unexpected expenses show up the moment you make extra money?
  • Are you stuck in the feast and famine pattern?
  • Or there’s simply too much month left at the end of the money?
  • The pandemic has created magnified your fears around money, business growth and job security.
Imagine if you could shift…

from fear, worry, struggle, and overworking to effortless manifestation of all the money and resources you deeply desire to live a full and extraordinary life.

  • To consciously choose what you deeply desire instead of settling for what you can afford.
  • Fully embody your divine soul purpose and get paid for being most authentic self.
  • Sell your potent work with power instead of suffering in discounting, under-earning and the crucifying fear of what people might think of you.
  • Expand your energetic container to receive more, and get well paid for your great work.
and what if…

You could simply choose your reality, rather than be governed by your bank account. That you lived your desires from overflow and abundance. That you didn’t have to worry about debt. That you stopped feeling guilty for wanting more. That you could finally have the resources to create real and positive change in the world.

A reality where money was magnetised to you. That is was no longer linked to working hard all the time. That creating money in your life became a fun game and a pleasure. That you could go on the luxury holidays without having to worry about the bill. That you could invest in your business with hiring support instead of trying to do everything yourself.

Where you truly embodied that riches are spiritual. That you deserved to be abundantly rewarded for your great work in the world.

We live in an abundant universe. When you ask, it is given. Your task is to release all the resistance to receiving infinite abundance.

Gain the time, freedom, and clarity you need to create a lifestyle based on your most authentic passions and desires. No more struggling or settling for second best. We’ll be uplevelling your self-care and self-nurture. The more you love yourself, the abundance you’ll allow into your life.


Client Results!

Sold a €21,000 Coaching Package

All this after just the first day!

Nearly a £50k month!

9/10 people on my program that is £5555 pp

Celebrating a pay-in-full client at $5.1K

Transcending my circumstances.

I’ve been there, and there’s nothing spiritual about being poor!

I didn’t come from money. I was born in communist Poland. In the 1980s my family and I escaped to Austria when I was 6 years old. I remember living in the attic of a hotel with mice, eating bread and butter. My family then left Austria and we emigrated to Australia. We were given a home, food, education, clothing and toys. My parents started to build a new life. My father delivered flyers through letterboxes at 2 cents each and my mother worked as a cleaner. They went back to university to upgrade their master’s qualifications as their Polish ones were not valid in Australia. They worked very hard and built a home in Perth, Western Australia.

My parents were highly educated, government employees and were able to put my two sisters and me through private school. But my parents, nor school taught me about creating financial prosperity. The programming was to go get a good education to get a good job and work very, very hard. And so it did!

But, I was determined to have a different life.

I knew deep down there was another way. A way that didn’t mean I had to give up my freedom and be a slave to a job, boss or money. I remember listening to personal development cassette tapes in the car; Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor and John Kanary. They spoke of changing how we think to change our results. They spoke of spirit, God and the universal laws of manifestation. I became fascinated and obsessed with this knowledge. I committed to becoming a life-long student of peak performance and manifesting an extraordinary life.

I’ve attended countless seminars. Watched numerous online programs. Invested heavily in coaches, mentors and spiritual teachers so I could learn the secret to success. I learnt a process for shifting into an energetic state of receiving to attract money so that I can create my dreams. I desired to create money in a way that was aligned with my mission, vision and purpose. I wanted to do great work in the world and get paid well for doing so.

There are a million ways to make a million. This program is calibrating to the frequency of attracting more money through soul-aligned actions. These will be unique to you from a place of joy, innate skill and practical action. This course is not about financial management. And I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course, but I know that I have been able to help thousands increase their money mindset and it was reflected in their bank accounts and businesses.

I discovered that working harder is never the answer.
Real and lasting transformation starts with your MINDSET.

Results from round 1 of the live mastermind!

“One of our SoulAlign® Business Group Coaching and SoulAlign® Money members, Magdalena Ponurska caused a 30% growth in enrolment at the Montessori school. She manifested $250,000 grants and fundraising by 50%, ending with $500,000 in additional funding that allowed her to offer additional scholarships to children who could not otherwise afford this type of education. She has speaking engagements booked and written 3 books.”

Magdalena Ponurska

Results from round 2 of the live mastermind!


How to permanently change your money mindset.

You’ve been trying to remove your money mindset blocks yourself, and you’re still stuck. Even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to break free from them. Your existing energetic frequency and subconscious programming will always pull you back to old patterns.

The secret to freeing yourself from these mindset blocks is recalibrate your abundance frequency inside your personal energetic field.

My unique gift is to tap into people’s energy fields, accessing the abundance frequency and rapidly remove all the energetic blocks that are holding them back.


Universal Intelligence is the source of all and infinite supply


The Compounding Effect

Money love a purpose. It loves conscious intention. Money does not go where it’s needed. 
It goes to where it’s desired. The Law of Compounding is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small and smart choices made consistently over a long period of time. The small changes are so subtle, they can be at first be hardly noticed. They offer little or no immediate result, no big win, no instant gain. But provide huge and exponential gains over a a long time. The earlier you start making small changes, the more powerful the compound effect works in your favour. We explore all the ways in which this law can be utilised and maximised.

Heal the Past

The money situation you currently have is PRECISELY the one you have been UNCONSCIOUSLY creating. You chose this, so by taking responsibility, you can change it, But you must make a different choice! To take radical self responsibility. To create six-figures, seven and beyond. There’s always enough. You are enough. By becoming committed to doing the inner work daily, the effect is compounded. We do a deep dive into all your resistance to receiving prosperity. The "kick-backs' for staying stuck. And learning processes for transforming mindset. A thought that you keep thinking become a belief. You can change it!

Healing the Mother Wound

Discover your money types which determines your behaviour and relationship with money. Patterns that were seeded in childhood. The mother dynamic represents nurturing, love, safety, caring and the feminine principle. Your mother was a child, a person before she became a mother. Her life experience shaped her and her beliefs. Therefore how she raised you. We explore the feminine shadow archetypes; the mother, the slave girl and the princess. As well as the Queen or High Priestess. You'll learn how to manifest anything you want in my 7 step process. An energy clearing meditation. Then taking charge of your money on a practical level with simple, yet powerful action steps.

Healing the Father Wound

The father represents protection, stability, strength and guidance. We explore the masculine archetypes; the Father, the Villain, The Rebel / Maverick / Explorer, and the Hero A dysfunctional or relationship with the father can cause a block to the flow of abundance. This can manifest as an overcompensation by being in your masculine, hustle and grind to create money as a way to validate your life success. Ambition only fuelled by money, greed and statue is an empty chalice. At the other end of the spectrum is the Disney princess waiting to be rescued by a man. Subconsciously creating debt as we way to be rescued so that the man can prove his love to you, through buying you. Fear of not being able to handle, manage, track lots of money. And Why I MUST become rich and wealthy; the high value motivation or goal.

The Paradigm Shift

There are universal laws that govern manifesting, and it's more than just the law of attraction. You’re the black sheep walking in the opposite direction. The paradigm shift is a change in awareness, focus and belief in a new potential. How are you perceiving life through the gap between where you are and where you desire to be? Is it from the view point of failure, a problem, lack and guilt? We practice the art of surrender to get into daily energetic alignment with the desire. Beliefs can automatically collapse when you vibrational align to a new frequency on the quantum realm through a guided meditation and ongoing inner work. Tapping into the field of infinite possibilities. The more we let go, the more the universe can step in and support us.

Millionaire Mindset

"Giving up on your dreams because it's getting harder is like stopping to paddle your boat in the midst of strong winds: you shall drown" (ACIM). Are you a vicim of circumstance, or do you create the circumstance you desire. Cultivate personal power where you feel the fear and do it anyway. You'll then begin to create the life you want and be comfortable making mistakes as part of the learning process. You'll learn the 11 fundamental principles of how the rich versus poor think. The 7 stages of consciousness and how to evolve into the Gold Zone - the instant manifestor. A power guided meditation; Millionaire Mindset - The River of Prosperity.

Quantum Leap and Bending Time

This module alone is worth the entire investment in this program! How to make big leaps in income, bust through the upper limit and create miraculous results. Working less, whilst making more. Staying in the soul-flow more often. And the Soul-fire to keep momentum and collapse time. We debunk all the self-imposed limits and collective consciousness rules about wealth, business and making money. We explore numbers in relation to your upper limits of receiving. Biggest mistake is to ask just for what you need. You desire plenty, overflow, abundance. When you navigate via the wealthy woman identity, the perfect solutions show up. You get SoulAlign® 
Quantum Jumping Method designed to create a soul-led strategy for you life. Previously only reserved for Anna's private clients. Stepping into a future version of you, feel it. Embody the energy of the future and bringing it into the now.

Cosmic Ordering - Universal Laws of Manifesting

What to do when things go wrong. You stopped doing what was working! At this point we are turning the principles you've learnt so far into habits and rituals for life. That a healthy relationship with money grows and you grow. We uplevel, upgrade and recalibrate to a higher level of receiving. We explore the universal laws in manifesting and the Cosmic Ordering Meditation; Playing in the Field of Pure Potentiality. How to call in a soul-aligned client. An ancient Egyptian manifesting technique to activate new expanded potential within you.

Embodying Riches

We make plans for next level wealth to do good in the world. A special Embodiment Meditation; Magnetising our Desires. Shifting from competition to collaboration which brings more abundance to all involved. How to rapidly silence the. 'monkey mind' and return to alignment, personal power and infinite potential. Shifting from “need” into “desire”. Decide to become the first millionaire in your family. You’ll wake up one day in awe of your extraordinary life.

Prosperity Toolkit

Powerful energy clearings and guided meditations to heal the past, expand your capacity to receive and accelerate wealth creation. Become willing to forgive and release the people and experiences where you learnt you that you were less than deserving of what you want. Overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that block you from asking for what you’re worth. Discover how to apply yourself to solve bigger challenges and amplify your performance.

With a gratitude meditation to count all your blessings and harness this frequency. When you realise just how abundant you ALREADY are, the universe gives you more. The gratitude for all that you have is a compounder to more. What you focus upon grows, and so focusing on lack can only bring more lack. You simply cannot manifest money by focusing on the debt.

You’ll get my personal property toolkit to keep you focused and clear on your manifestations. With a morning and evening meditation, and money tracker to monitor your progress. PLUS all my top book recommendations to support your learning and growth.

The Higher-self Recalibration Overnight Tool is designed to unlock the energetic frequency of the next level of prosperity and wealth consciousness. Your subconscious will work with your higher self, your soul and the Creator.

Activate the MILLION DOLLAR MINDSET by reprogramming your BELIEFS and ENERGETICS to make the QUANTUM LEAPS in your finances.




Anna Kitney is a self-made 7-figure Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Advisor and International Speaker who empowers soul-centred women leaders and entrepreneurs to get their greatest work out in the world.

Anna has run and operated 4 companies in the last 23 years which have generated millions of pounds in revenues. CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s leading Theta Healing® training organisation that is world-renowned. She’s trained thousands of therapists internationally.

Anna Kitney Coaching and Mentoring is based in London, with premium offerings to elevate entrepreneurship in the wellness, healing, coaching and personal development sector. A unique blend of soul-led strategy, utilising innate intuitive ability, energetic recalibration and mindset reprogramming to accelerate results.

At the highest level, Anna offers private advisory and coaching to legacy leaders, change-makers, royalty, celebrities and business owners at the multiple 6-7 figures. With bespoke programs created for each private client to accelerate growth on every level as a high performer that is underpinned by soul-led purpose, divine timing and legacy.

She’s been part of high-level masterminds with female entrepreneurs generating over $50 million dollars in revenue in their businesses. She’s worked across a broad range of industries from advertising, interior design, energy healing, but is ultimately committed to empowering women through personal growth and spiritual transformation.

She is married to Josh and a mother of 2 children, living in Surrey, United Kingdom. Dividing her time between Surrey’s life and London. She enjoys being in nature, fine dining, luxury interiors, international travel and on an incessant path of spiritual and professional growth.

Anna Kitney is passionate about creating a business that ignites your passions, multiplies your income, and impacts the world by doing the work that is abundant, soulful and meaningful.

With over 14 years of experience, Anna has conducted over 20,000 private consultations for her clients, and taught thousands of people around the world.

Anna has build over 5 business, with the 2 recent sister companies Bourgeon Limited and Anna Kitney generating a combined revenue of $1.4 million dollars in 2021.

“After my second session with Anna, I closed $108,000 including my first $80,000 client! I’m so grateful for our sessions and I can see a whole new way of being. Coaching with Anna shifted my mindset and business vision to double my six figure business and achieve the time freedom I needed as an entrepreneur, mum and woman on a mission to pursue larger platforms to share my gifts. What seemed like a mountain of impossible become completely achievable and I saw the tangible results in revenue, new aligned team members and the ability to attract the clientele where I could be of greater service and feel more purposeful. Coaching with Anna is a no-brainer business investment – she has the ability to see the potential of your business and gifts and co-create the strategy to take you there. The best advice is to say YES to bringing her into your business inner circle as your mentor, guide and coach.”

Natasha RockstromGlobal Legacy Coach

Manifest more money from soul-led flow. Expand your energetic capacity to receive from Source Energy.

Transform your feeling to relief around money, more confident with money, seeing opportunities for making money more easily, receiving unexpected money and overall experiencing a more supportive and loving relationship with money. Continue to increase your understanding of the frequency of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

“I had the great fortune of being able to work with Anna Kitney recently. I’ve always been a believer that your business will only grow to the extent that you do and as a leader, it is extremely important to consistently elevate internally. Within 60 seconds of sitting down with Anna, she identified a core wound that was holding me back from bringing my next level of work to the world in the most powerful way that I was oblivious to. And within 30 minutes, it was cleared. Within 24 hours, I had a different view of the world and began to make decisions differently. People immediately started showing up differently in my life and new opportunities started flowing in. Anna is the real deal. Very grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her.”

Kelly O'Neal7 Figure Award Winning Positioning and Profit Strategist
Kelly O'Neil

What you get

  • PreWork: dive straight into rapid results when you join the program with actionable tools
  • 8 live mastermind training, 90+ mins each (we run it a minimum of 2 times a year). All calls a recorded
  • BONUS: 2 x Energy Clearings to recode your abundance and prosperity frequency
  • Powerful Guided Meditations
  • Elevated consciousness community for women taking the journey with you.
  • Bonus recorded content at no extra cost
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with peer-to-peer support
  • Lifetime Access to all the content
  • Any new modules added in the future at no extra cost

Monday’s, 6 – 7:30pm (London time), 2024

You get the join in the live mastermind training each year we run it, at no extra cost!

You’ve been trying to remove your money mindset blocks yourself, and you’re still stuck.

The secret to freeing yourself from these mindset blocks is to recalibrate your abundance frequency inside your personal energetic field.

SoulALIGN® Money



Lifetime access to the SoulALIGN® Money course.
New modules will be added in the future at no extra cost.



SoulAlign® Money Live 8-Week Mastermind + Digital Program

  Exclusive Private Facebook Community with peer-to-peer support.




SoulAlign® Money Live 8-Week Mastermind + Digital Program

  Exclusive Private Facebook Community with peer-to-peer support.




SoulAlign® Money Live 8-Week Mastermind + Digital Program

  Exclusive Private Facebook Community with peer-to-peer support.



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