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Are ready to release your money blocks, visibility fears, build a business and monetise your soul’s purpose!

  • How to create your irresistible offer for packages that sell themselves.
  • With a 21 page workbook on where to find clients for free.
  • A powerful funnel sequence that’s designed to bring you clients on demand.
  • Guided meditations and empowering belief downloads to support your mindset for ultimate success.

Build your dream business. The time is now!

This digital course is designed to help start-ups and established coaches, healers, therapists, spiritual teachers to serve their soul-aligned clients. Imagine being able to fully utilise your unique gifts and talents and be abundantly rewarded? 

This program combines energy healing, mindset tools, intuitive business coaching and rapid business growth strategies to create a business and life you’ll love. Many modalities teach you how to be a healer, therapist or coach, but fail to show you how to build a successful business. In this online course, Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Business Coach and serial entrepreneur, Anna Kitney will take you through step-by-step on how to launch and grow your service-based business.

This is an online program for healers, therapist, coaches and spiritual teachers who are ready to release their money blocks, visibility fears, build a business and monetise their soul’s purpose! We join together to rise up, to rise in vibration, in consciousness and in energy to create abundant businesses.

This is for visionary entrepreneurs who are done with running from their power and under-earning and are ready to serve without suffering.


Creating unlimited prosperity by mastering your relationship with money!

I’ll teach you how to master the inner game which is 80% of the results. Create financial freedom by recoding your abundance mindset to accelerate cosmic ordering.

You’ve been trying to remove your money mindset blocks yourself, and you’re still stuck. Even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to break free from them. Your existing energetic frequency and subconscious programming will always pull you back to old patterns.

The secret to freeing yourself from these mindset blocks is to recalibrate your abundance frequency inside your personal energetic field.

My unique gift is to tap into people’s energy fields, accessing the abundance frequency and rapidly removing all the energetic blocks that are holding them back.