You’ve been doing the inner work for years
you’re still stuck in the key areas of life.

Manifestation should not be this hard!

This is for the woman who is looking to evolve beyond self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and unrealised success.

  • Feel like you’re holding yourself back from more happiness and success than you’re now experiencing?
  • Are you unable to give your whole attention to the present because of something that happened in the past or because you’re worried about the future?
  • And are you trying to find a way to change your way of thinking so that your habits, routines, and thoughts serve you rather than hinder you?
  • You’re spending your life fighting against some type of self-sabotage, usually without ever seeing an end to the battle or finding a way to overcome it.
  • You’re holding onto a false belief that living your ideal life is impossible.
  • Spending years in a state where you have to settle for second best because it’s easy.
  • Having to continue doing, feeling, and coping with things that are emotionally draining.
  • And allowing other people to control your life’s course instead of taking charge of its design.
Every extraordinary life… 

is created from the seed from which an incredible life grows, one filled with unlimited happiness, growth, contribution, wealth, meaning, and independence.

THE MASTERMIND 11TH NOV 2022 – 6th JAN 2023

The alchemy of energetics, healing and coaching to activate your next divine timing. As an emerging leader, you know you have a powerful destiny and purpose.

This is the evolution of your identity, your lifestyle, your well-being, your love life… all the things.

You’ve been feeling the calling…

You just know you’ve always been destined for more, and to be more. You have always been worthy, from your first moment of existence. For all of it! If you desire it.

the evolution of your healing


You are an old soul with at least 500+ lifetimes. There is more than you could possibly heal in just this one lifetime.

What if the path of the fastest healing lay before you instead of behind you?

What if your future self could send you the healing to you that exists today?

This is the evolution of the healing process. The end of releasing the “echo” of the past, the hologram. The evolution of consciousness that is calling you.



This 8-week immersion is a disconnection from fear-based collective consciousness programing. Together we’ll unlock evolved codes that will support your growth and expansion as a soul on this year.


Heal the past without reliving the trauma or drama. Let go of the past with ease and grace.


Living life from alignment and soul flow. From happiness and joy of the present moment when you realise that nothing is missing.


Choosing bigger and bolder goals and a compelling life vision. Leading yourself through soul-alignment and embodying the future self in the now.



Self-Made 7-Figure Spiritual Business Coach, Advisor.

I’m so excited that you are here! I work with extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact in this world. I’ve trained thousands of Soulpreneurs internationally to serve their promised people and make a global impact.

I’ve met many healers, coaches, therapist and spiritual teachers who through no fault of their own feel shame around wanting more and sacrificing themselves for others. Many are needlessly suffering from inner conflict, believing it’s impossible to ‘have it all’. They are stuck in overwhelm and confusion in their vision, marketing and message. As a result they are not getting the constant flow of clients, stuck in frustration and not being able to make the impact they desire.

I’m taking a stand as soulprenuers deserve so much better than that. It’s time to live each day in energetic alignment with your life’s mission and purpose.

I’ve always been driven to a better life. I got that from my parents. But as a family, we struggled. My parents did not have the best money beliefs. They both had jobs and worked very hard. I was a poor Polish immigrant who escaped communism. So I know what it feels like to be dirt poor, and believe me, there is nothing spiritual or holy about it!

I was determined to break free from the struggle, worry and fear. I’ve been a student of personal development for over 25 years, and a speaker and trainer for the past 11 years. I have wealth of experience that spans health and wellness, healing abuse trauma, transforming mindset, peak performance and financial success. I’ve started 5 companies in total.

I’m a High-Performance Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Master Energy Healer, international speaker, entrepreneur and intuitive business coach. My client list included royalty, celebrities, and multi-million-pound business owners from across the world.

In my private coaching practice, I work with the fate-changers and legacy leaders of the world that are creating movements and initiatives. I’m passionate about empowering women to create a business from passion, that makes profit and impact.

Your Life. Your Next Divine Timing. Your Epoch.

This program is a transformative lifestyle design system that enables you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your ideal life. On your terms. Your rules.


Life Awakening Codes over the 8 weeks to awaken the soulifre and step into the person you were always meant to be.


The fusion of the energetic, healing and action triad to release the past, live in the present moment and dream a brighter future.


You'll come away with a soul-aligned action plan to turn your dreams into reality.


11th Nov 2022 – 6th Jan 2023


We start with an assessment of where you are now and where you desire to be. We’ll explore a bigger vision for your life from a place of alignment and soul flow, instead of ‘realistic expectations’.


Then next evolution of you as a human and a soul. The grow and transcend suffering. To embrace life in the present moment whilst building the dream of a brighter future. The next embodiment of the best future self.


The uplevel of your home environment to improve the quality of your life. Your external space is a reflection of the inner world. We’ll make space for new energy to flow in.


A remembering of the great work you came here to do. The calling, the next diving timing. The awakening of a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment.


Surrendering the past stories, embracing the life lessons and enhancing our relationship with ourselves and others. “Your task is not to seek love, but the remove all barriers to it.” – Rumi


Holistic well-being begins with setting new rules and standards of self-care. Elevating the quality of our nutrition, exercise and movement from a place of joy and desire.


A disconnection from collective consciousness fear-based programming. We’ll active the new codes for abundance and prosperity. Your big goals will take big money.

Real people with life-changing results


In 18 days I’ve booked 25 clients! Made £11K this month.

Raissa Coelho

I was able to manifest a client contact for my business

“This came in the right time for me, when everything was stuck in life and when I couldn’t see much of the light at the end of the tunnel. By the second day of the challenge I was able to manifest a client contact for my business and this felt soooo good. It was the boost I needed to believe that “this is it, my business has officially started”! As the days past by and I kept doing the challenge, everything that was stuck into the “fear energy” in relation to my wedding suddenly started to shift to “love and trust”. In the end, my wedding went better than we expected and in fact, it was exactly as I had visioned during the meditations conducted by Anna. It is simply magic, I love it, love it and I am so grateful I have joined this work!! Thank you”

8 Week Journey through the Wheel of Life

Each week we’ll focus on uplevelling a life area.

  • The evolution of paradigms,
  • The identity shift to embody the best future self.
  • Recoding of outdated beliefs,
  • Bold and courageous moves,
  • Manifestation mastery, and so much more.
THE MASTERMIND 11TH NOV 2022 – 6th JAN 2023

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  8 x 90 mins Live Group Healing & Coaching Calls

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Exclusive Private Facebook Community with peer-to-peer support.

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  8 x 90 mins Live Group Healing & Coaching Calls

  Energy Clearings & Guided Meditations


Exclusive Private Facebook Community with peer-to-peer support.

  Lifetime access

  PLUS SoulFire Masterclass (Worth £333)


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