The Inner Circle is a minimum 6-month membership that includes access to live High-Performance Group Coaching three times each month, all live monthly masterclasses, meditations and a curated collection of evergreen programs and bonus trainings!

For the ambitious soul-led leader who is ready to take life and business to a whole other level. Ready to move, ready to take action and ready to create an extraordinary life.

Achieve your life goals easier than ever before. This is your invitation to an immersion of transformation on every level of your being. To transform every facet of your life.

Imagine what could happen in 1 year?

If you’ve been running solo for a while now and deeply know that you should be much further ahead, this is for you. You desire to have elevated conversations about business, money, marriage, children, wellbeing, and that whole life balance thing that has eluded you so far.

This is your invitation to a 6-month commitment to yourself. To not only grow and thrive in your business but also design an extraordinary life.

High-performance coaching is a proven and world-renowned framework used by Oprah Winfrey and Adriana Huffington to attain even greater levels of sustainable life success. It has been featured in Forbes and Success Magazine.

Imagine strategically designing a limitless life, instead of wishing or hoping it all works out. This will be a journey into fully living, being present in the moments of now, and curating your life as an evolving masterpiece.

High Performance

3 Live Group Coaching Calls Per Month, Q&A’s & Laser Hotseat Coaching

Masterclasses & Meditations

Monthly Live Online Events + Curated Archive

Guest Experts

Experts on wellness, spirituality, business, relationships, sex, family and much more.


Exclusive Facebook Group to connect with other members for peer-to-peer support, collaborations and JV’s.

The year to prioritise your power, purpose, passion, joy and life success.

The elevated conversations about energetics, mindset and soul-led strategy that lead to rapid transformations

This program is calling some next-level Queens who desire to play a bigger game—more money, more impact, and a more fulfilled life—without sacrificing health or family. You are being called towards something great! Isn’t it time to embrace your deepest and greatest version of yourself?

To be the most authentic version fo you. To become more visible and seen in all your glory and vibrancy. Shine your truth, your voice, your message to the world. To live more intentionally. To be able to relax and breath knowing that everything is working out for you and in your highest favour.

Stop waiting for permission to be your fullest version of you, therefore you no longer need to tone it down for others. ALL OF YOU is being called forth. Surrendering old stories of limitation and circumstantial power, cultivating courage, persistence, and leadership to activate the best of you now.


The science-backed framework explores all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. You’ll feel more confident, joyous, and enthusiastic as well as more purposeful and fulfilled. Created by Brendon Burchard.

3 live group coaching calls per month

Designed to increase your performance in every area of your life. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get live coaching and hotseat Q&A with Certified High-Performance coach Anna Kitney. Calls are Wednesday 6-7:30pm, London time. With replays saved to your course portal afterwards.

Valued at £15,000

Masterclasses, Meditations and Curated Evergreen Courses

You’ll  be artfully mentored into creating strategic life success in every area of life. This training content collection is carefully curated to rapidly elevate your life and business. It includes foundations and advanced energetics, mindset work, embodiment processes, and structured and strategic processes.

Holistic Wellness

A full immersion into taking back your power and sovereignty over your health and wellbeing. With guest experts and a soul-led action plan to honour your body temple, live life with vitality and inner peace. From detoxing, to nutrition, exercise, relationships, sex, marriage, family, feminine power, mindfulness and so much more. We firmly believe in a holistic approach to health that nurtures mind, body and soul.

Identify who you really are. Acknowledge all your strengths without the filter of weaknesses. Discover your untapped potential and LIBERATE yourself from self-imposed limits!

Re-align to a greater vision for your life, beyond the paradigms and constructs created by others. Create an evolved and compelling vision that will fuel your soul-fire.

Learn the art of extreme self-care as a daily ritual that honours you, your body and your purpose. Awaken to your inner potential lying dormant, and allow that to shine through.

Heal the self-punishment of mistakes from the past. Surrender old stories of failure. Learn to embrace mistakes as part of the learning process. You’ll learn how to move through them faster and soften the blow so that you can grow, evolve and transcend the suffering.

Cultivate the courage and personal power to become a soulful LEADER.

Become the leader, not the follower. Cultivate self-mastery amidst the chaos of the outside world. Become unwavering in your faith of who you are, and what you came here to do. Be available to step into the realm of possibility, potentiality and expansion. Cultivate integrity, discipline and commitment to your vision. Go beyond the rules set by society, create your own rules.

With tools and strategies for self-mastery. Staying in alignment and taking action from soul-led flow.

Embody your next level of soul potential waiting to be expressed.

The journey toward greater selfworth is an evolving one. Set new standards and non-negotiables for yourself. Upgrade the quality of your life with key decisions, rather than waiting for ‘one day’. Stop dreaming and start doing. Stop waiting, and start receiving. As you claim your soul’s blueprint, you activate more of your abundance so that you can fulfil your mission. 

Are you ready to evolve, and LEAD yourself through a soul-led strategy, and create the CHANGE you came here to do.

Your year to have it all!

What you get in your 6-month membership

  • 3 Live Group Coaching calls per month, Monday 6-7:30 pm (GMT) VALUED AT OVER £15,000!
  • 1 Monthly Masterclass/Meditation per month VALUED £1,000!
  • Guest Experts VALUED AT OVER £5,555!
  • PLUS Bonus programs and masterclasses are unlocked throughout the duration of the membership VALUED AT OVER £2,500!
  • Monthly Meditations & Masterclasses, PLUS our archive
  • Self-Study Evergreen Programs
  • Any and all workbooks associated with the programs
  • A private Facebook Group with peer-to-peer support PRICELESS!
  • Raise your energy and mindset to a higher level over the course of an entire year.

Total value = £25,000


This membership does NOT include our premium group coaching and mastermind programs: SoulAlign® Money, SoulAlign® Business, SoulAlign® Manifestation Mastery, Iconic, She Power, Limitless and One & Only.



Achieve your life goals easier than ever before.
The immersive and supportive experience to transform every facet of your life.


Monthly Membership

£333/mth x 6


Monthly Membership

£297/mth x 12


Pay in Full

£2,997 per year


If you decide to cancel your membership at the end of the six months, you will loose access to all the programs, content and the community group. By enrolling, you agree to the full payment plan.