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I wasn’t born into wealth. I didn’t have entrepreneurial parents.

I was a poor Polish immigrant who escaped communism in the 1980’s. I remember I was 5 years old when my parents were packing in the night as we made our escape to Austria. We lived there for a year. I went to school and learnt German. I had to learn to write with a calligraphy pen, not a pencil. We lived in a dark attic of a hotel and I remember my father laying down mouse traps for the night. Some days the food in the hotel was rotten, so on those days we ate butter on bread sprinkled with salt. But after a year my parents felts they were not accepted by the Austrian people and decided upon an immigration program Australia was running.

The Australian government provided us with a home, second hand toys and clothing for us and language lessons for my parents. My parents were highly educated university graduates with masters degrees, but that didn’t count for anything when we moved to Australia. My father’s first job was delivering direct-mail through letterboxes at 2 cents a flyer.

They rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

My mother worked as a cleaner for the wealthy families in the area. We lived in a series of council homes, until my parents saved enough money for a deposit on their first house.

They saved their hard earned money and went back to university to upgrade their degrees in Perth, Western Australia. They worked hard to secure professional white collar jobs as town planners in Perth, then Sydney.

They built two homes from concrete slab, up. They put their three daughters through private school. We didn’t go to restaurants or fancy international holidays. We went camping across Western Australia with the spiders, wasps, snakes and flies. The beaches in Western Australia however, were world class.

I remember my father would say, “why go to a restaurant when we have food at home?”. Or, if I saw something nice or fancy, he’d say “That’s not for us”. He was an incredibly frugal, strict and pragmatic man. I actually didn’t learn how to use the right knives and forks in a restaurant until my early 20’s.

My mum missed many school plays, but when she arrived for school pick-up in her handsewn fancy suit, I was proud of her. She’d made it!

I remember my parents trying network marketing to try to increase their income. They listened to self-development tapes in the car. On the school run we listen to Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins. The affirmations went “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself”. Little did I know what the universe was preparing me for.

So I learnt many hard lessons from watching my parents. They worked hard and made many sacrifices. They had determination, drive and ambition. They were not a victim of their circumstance. They created the circumstances they wanted. My mother would often talk about having a greater ambition for herself and her children. My father made me study very hard to ensure I got into university to get a good job.

My humble business beginnings.

I started by first business at 13 years old. I was selling toffees and toffee apples at school. Mum bought all the sugar, glucose and apples. I cooked up a storm and made a huge mess in mum’s kitchen. I was selling them at AU$1.00 – 50 cents back in the early 80’s. I had no clue if I was making a profit as mum was buying all my supplies. I was just having fun creating something people wanted. It was also making me very popular with the kids.

I had a lot of demand and the kids would fight over my limited stock I had brought each day. I could only cook and carry so much to school.

Mum started to get annoyed at the daily desolation in her kitchen. All that sugar started to attract the ants into the house! Including the red ants who have a painful bite!

The school found out about my little entrepreneurial venture and put a stop to it. I was not allow to sell products at school for profit. It was against the rules. Plus all the fights it caused with the kids competing for them.

And some of my friends didn’t want to pay full price and wanted “mates rates”! Price was driven down. So that was the end of my first of many businesses after just a few weeks.

After graduating from university I moved to Sydney, Australia. I got a job in graphic design and got a monthly pay check. But this wasn’t enough my me. I wanted more from my life. My next company was called Fresh Young Designs. I started a little side hustle doing design work for a publisher of legal books. The publishing company happened to be up the road from where I worked and a chance meeting during my lunch break with a gentleman from the marketing department got me my first freelance project designing book covers for them. I worked in the evenings and weekends. It was great to be my own boss.

Say “yes” and figure it out later!

Later, when he asked me if I also create websites? I said “yes”.  But I thought to myself, I’ll just figure it out. So I got to work learning how to design and build websites in Dreamweaver and Photoshop. It was a sharp learning curve, but I had incentive. I had said yes, and there was a deadline.

And so more chance encounters led to more projects. I never advertised my freelance design services, the universe was simply responding to my desire for more creative projects as a creative outlet. It was never actually about the money. I loved design. I was passionate about create brands through visual communication. I loved to experiment, learn new skills. And mostly, the freedom I felt from been my own boss calling the shots.

It was during this time I met my future husband,  Josh who was a digital retoucher. We fell in love and moved to the UK. Our first year was tough. Just three days after landing in the UK, 9/11 happened. Jobs became scarce. The dream company I wanted to work for has closed it’s doors. I was able to get some freelance work through recruitment agencies and then landing a full-time job in a design agency in Kent. Again, the wasn’t enough. I desired to create my own agency. So my next company, Aquarium Creative was born. A full service agency from graphics, web and interior design. I worked for some of UK’s top agencies like Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi’s. I was involved in the launch and sale of the first Airbus A380 plane to Emirates. I designing show apartments and marketing suites for some of the UK’s largest property developers. I created environments designed to convert viewers in buyers. In my 12 year career in design I’ve sold everything from dog-food, scratch cards to million pound properties and luxury cars.

The major career pivot.

I had never intended on become an energy healer or spiritual teacher. I was led into it. I was always attending some personal development seminar on weekends. But after I gave birth to my first child, Austin I was led to Theta Healing®. I was blown away by the process of awakening my innate intuitive abilities, and how the process could be used to instantly transform self limiting beliefs. I was hooked. I did healings from home initially, then from a therapy room above a children’s clothing store in Dulwich, London. I loved been able to help people on such a deep level.

My teacher suggested I do the Theta Healing® teachers training. I didn’t want to be a teacher, but I wanted to meet the founder.

To release the ancestral trauma of the pain and suffering. The poverty, scarcity and low self worth. Everything happens for a reason. And my life experience has prepared me for the work I came here to do as a soul. To liberate others from their poverty conscious, low self worth and ancestral trauma.

Deep inside you is the seed of great potential. You are a child of the Creator. You ARE are powerful manifestor. But you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the inner work so that it can be reflected in your outer world.

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