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I’m thrilled to share a revelation that has completely transformed how I approach life and its endless possibilities. Let’s dive deep into a conversation about a universal law that, once understood and embraced, can magnify your ability to manifest your dreams in ways you’ve never imagined. It’s a topic close to my heart, one that I’ve passionately explored and integrated into my own life with astonishing results. The Law of Power is a principle that many have misunderstood but holds the key to unlocking our true potential.

My Discovery of the Law of Power

In my quest for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment, I stumbled upon a truth that felt like a long-kept secret waiting for me to uncover: the Law of Power. The word ‘power’ initially evoked images of control and dominance, conjuring up historical figures who wielded their influence over others, often with a heavy hand. Books have been written to this effect, boasting strategies and tactics to overpower others—the weak, helpless, and vulnerable. To bully others into submission or compliance. However, as I delved deeper, I realised that true power is the opposite. It’s not about exerting control or instilling fear but empowering and uplifting others.

The True Essence of Power

Reflecting on the lives of luminaries like Gandhi and Princess Diana, I understood that real power lies in the legacy we leave, the ideas we champion, and the hearts we touch. Gandhi’s legacy of freedom and peace inspires millions long after his time. This man represented an idea. The people followed, not because they were scared, but because they were inspired. This realisation was a turning point for me. It dawned on me that power is not something to be seized but embraced and shared. In its purest form, power is love and influence, a force for good that flows through and from us, impacting the world in positive, lasting ways.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Also known as Manipura, sits like a radiant sun at the core of our being, just above the navel. This bright centre of personal power is fueled by self-esteem, confidence, and the drive to go after our goals and wants. And this is where our inner fire gives us the strength to take big steps forward, stand up for ourselves, and make our own way. When it’s in balance, the Solar Plexus Chakra stores energy and helps us move towards our goals with clarity and drive. It gives us the strength to turn our thoughts into actions, deal with problems gracefully, and make our personal and professional goals come true with unwavering confidence. Developing this chakra’s energy means fostering a sense of purpose and faith in our skills, which are necessary for building the momentum we need to make real changes in our lives and the world around us.

The Divine Source of Power

As I embraced this new understanding, another layer of this profound law unfolded. The highest form of power doesn’t come from within us but through us. It’s a divine gift, an endless stream of energy and potential provided by the Universe, God, or whatever name you give to that infinite source of all creation.

This realisation was a game-changer.

Recognising that this boundless power supplies every aspiration, every desire, and every need reshaped my approach to manifestation. It shifted my focus from seeking external sources of fulfilment to tapping into the divine flow that’s always available and generous.

Your seat of power lies in the solar plexus chakra.

We are either leaking energy or building and cultivating it. We are either using fear to get into action or inspiration. Within this chakra, we can sometimes carry cords to people and situations that disempower us. In the video above, I will take you through an energy-clearing process to cut these cords.

Overcoming Fears and Misconceptions

Embarking on this journey was challenging. Like many, I had my share of doubts and fears, wondering if I truly deserved this power or could even harness it correctly. I believed that I had to work hard to receive more. That this was the way I would prove my worth and value. When I started to explore where my power came from, God, I understood I was limitless. All source of supply comes from God. I no longer needed to prove I was worthy. I knew and believed that I was, no matter what.

With great power comes great responsibility. But as I continued to explore and apply the Law of Power in my life, I saw incredible transformations. The key was understanding that this power was not something to be afraid of but something to be welcomed with open arms and a trusting heart.

  1. We give away our power to family, friends and clients to try to save, help, heal, or rescue them. By using our life force to do this, we get depleted. This mindset will limit the number of people you can help. This explains why healers and coaches often struggle in their business with only a few clients or small group programs. You must learn to believe in the power of your people. To learn to access the power of the Creator to “do this work” and teach others to do their inner work. Ensure your clients are independent of you in finding the solution; never become their rescuer. You empower your clients to uncover solutions, take responsibility and get them into soul-led action.
  2. We believe that power was taken from us. Okay, so hear me out on this one. We get tricked by the bully to give away our power. The bully could have been that kid in school that made you so afraid and threatened your physical safety. This is not power; this is control. And it does not last. The bully could be your government, which introduced unfair laws. The bully could be your partner who makes you feel inferior so that they can feel superior. This behaviour always comes from fear and insecurity, so they use their physical size, propaganda, intimidation and aggression. Power can not be taken, and it’s given away through the illusion created by the bully.

Living the Law of Power

Putting this law into practice has been nothing short of miraculous. It involves a daily, conscious decision to connect with the divine source, see myself as a positive energy conduit, and manifest from a place of abundance rather than lack. I’ve learned to recognise my power to influence my reality, not by exerting control but by aligning with the Universe’s generous abundance.

Every morning, I wake up with a heart full of gratitude, acknowledging that all I desire and more is being supplied to me from a place of divine abundance. I meditate on the boundless love and support surrounding me, feeling deeply connected to the source of all power. This practice has deepened my spiritual journey and empowered me to manifest my dreams with greater ease and joy. I choose to lead with service.

I ask myself,

“Who can I serve today? 

“What do my people need to hear for me?”

Sharing the Power

One of the most beautiful aspects of this journey has been the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with others. True power grows when shared. It’s about lifting others as we climb, inspiring them to discover their connection to the divine source and to embrace their ability to manifest their deepest desires.

As you reflect on your path, remember that the Law of Power is not just a principle to be understood but a lived experience. It’s about seeing yourself as part of something greater, as a beloved creation of the Universe, deserving of all the joy, love, and abundance life has to offer.

Manifesting through the Law of Power

I always begin with the inner work. My energetics and mindset is the foundation of everything that I do. The video above takes you through a cord-cutting process to free yourself from all the people and situations where you gave your energy. The Ho’oponopono prayer is a powerful tool for forgiveness, most importantly for yourself. For giving away your power or for being tricked into giving it away.

Activating your seat of power in your solar plexus chakra through intention or meditation begins the process. Remember that all sources of supply come from God. So, all the clients, money, love, health, and everything else are given to you by the Creator. So you never need to be in fear or lack, for the Creator is abundant.

Your Invitation

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Begin by redefining what power means to you. See it as a divine gift, a sacred trust, and a source of positive influence in the world. Connect daily with the source of all power, affirming your worthiness to receive its blessings. Most importantly, share your journey, insights, and victories. Your story has the power to inspire, heal, and uplift others.

Together, let’s embrace the Law of Power, not just as a concept but as a way of life. Let’s manifest not from a place of need but from a place of overflowing abundance. The Universe is ready to co-create with you, offering its endless gifts with open arms. The question is, are you prepared to receive them?

Remember, the power within you is more significant than you’ve ever imagined. It’s time to unlock, embrace, and let it shine. Here’s to our journey together, the incredible destinations we’ll reach, and the lives we’ll touch along the way. The world awaits the beautiful, powerful manifestation of your most authentic self. Let’s make it happen.

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