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The Manifestation Equation to Get Rapid Results

Manifesting is not rocket science. You’ve already been doing it all your life. You’re always manifesting. The parking spot, the parking fine. We are constantly manifesting with our thoughts, words and actions. Our very existence is one constant manifestation of source energy through the physical body. We always get what we expect and believe we can have.

The manifestation process in its most simplified equation is

Clarity + Alignment + Action = Manifestation

You gain clarity on what you want (instead of focusing on what you don’t want). This clarity often comes from doing the thing. Trying different things, tasting the menu of the universe if you will. This gives you contrast. Deciding can sometimes be the hardest part as we often feel we’re fully committed to that first initial decision. But, it’s okay to change your mind.

The alignment process is a combination of a few processes. Transforming mindset via inner work. There are many tools to do this. Theta Healing®, EFT, NLP, affirmations, journaling, The Work by Byron Katie, and so many more. Essentially it’s reprogramming, recoding the mind to align to the new truth we desire.

For example;

  • Letting go of the story of struggle in order to feel worthy.
  • To receive plenty, instead of just enough.
  • To believe we are lovable just as we are, instead of resenting and self-shaming
  • To feel and believe we can succeed or have it all without major sacrifice or loss of something else.

What you focus upon, grows

You may be manifesting a bunch of stuff that you do not want, simply by talking about it, complaining about it, focusing on it and trying to run away from it. You can dig for the rest of your life and you will continue to find a million and one reasons why the money is not here, the soulmate is not here and why your health is not better. You will continue to find past lives that impact you in this life. Thousands of ancestors who struggled before us. Collective consciousness beliefs you keep getting ‘plugged into’. Healing trauma after trauma.

You may be thinking, “When will it ever end? When will I be fully healed and get my stuff!”.

What if the better question is ask;
What is my resistance to receiving the manifestation”,
“What am I afraid will happen if I have it?”

What if we focused on moving toward our goals and desires, instead of running away from the past?

By focusing on the pain of the past we bring it into the now.

Yes, it happened.

Yes, you struggled and suffered.

Honour the struggle. Learn from it. Become stronger through it.

But don’t live there, trying to manifest your new future! The truth is that you will never be free of the struggle and pain in your life, but you can learn to reframe it. Find the blessing in the situation.

You can dig on fear of moving forward, and it can become the excuse for never taking the action!

There will always be some fear. Every time you do something new or different. Every time you step out of your comfort zone, it will be uncomfortable. Stop trying to delete your pain, transcend it.

There are so many teachers in the personal development and spiritual space teaching the ‘secrets’ to manifesting. Most are rehashing law of attraction with little or no understanding of energetics or universal laws. The law of attraction is not the only law in manifesting. There are in fact over 12 known laws.

In all my 14 years as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, the one key missing secret to manifestation is the soul’s purpose. We get so wrapped up in the ‘getting’, instead of  ‘being’.

When you exist from the truest beingness of your soul then you enter the gold zone of manifesting.

The place of instant and effortless manifestation. You cease to chase the stuff your ego wants or what society or mass media tells you you should want. Instead, you exist in the field of soul-led desire and infinite pure potential.

That’s just one part of the missing secret. To manifest a life from the soul-led desires.

The second part is the embodiment of the future self into the now.

Instead of digging into why your manifesting has not shown up, your looking for evidence for what you deeply desire in the now. You’re essentially pulling in, aligning to, entangling with the future version that already has, is all that you desire.

And the third component; your big dreams require big resources and resourcefulness.

When we are in the beingness of the soul and desire more, this is the soul’s guidance. The Creator will provide all you need and desire so that your soul can fully express itself through this physical reality.

When your manifestation is intertwined with your soul’s purpose which directly impacts other souls then your manifestations show up faster and easier. The quantum entanglement occurs when you focus on the pure desire, and align with it mentally (mindset), physically (state), emotional and spiritually.

You’ll make the most amount of money, not from just passion which can fade, but from your soul’s purpose and its global impact – the High-Value Goal.

Journalling Prompt:
  • How do your manifestations, and your desires serve not just you, but your community, tribe and planet?
  • What happens if they don’t find you, and you don’t help them?
  • Why is now a must to show up from soul-alignment?

When you’re in service to a high-value goal, then all the abundance flows to you more freely.

The missing secret to the manifestation process is:

Soul-led Clarity from Desire + Alignment to Highest Version/Future Version of You + High-Value Goal + Soul-Aligned Action = Manifestation

We do a deep dive into the beingness of your soul’s essence in SoulAlign® Money.  The 8-week mastermind to uncover the deepest desires, align to them and embody this future self in the now to make the quantum leaps.

It all gets to be yours. You don’t have to wait till you’ve healed every self-limiting belief. Your task is to release all the resistance to receiving all the unlimited abundance that is available to you.

Decide you get to have it all. Follow the call of your soul.

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