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The Necessary and Major Business Pivot

These past two years have been a difficult and challenging time for many people around the world. It’s forced some massive changes in the way we live and work.

At a time when the pandemic put the world through an emotional and economic wringer, Anna Kitney Coaching and Advisory became a go-to for many people seeking direction and empowerment in their lives. I embarked on a soul-led journey to help people grow, transform spiritually and begin to plot success strategies more effectively for our community. I’m fully committed to empowering entrepreneurial women. This meant fully embracing becoming a female leader and entrepreneur who builds empires and creates lasting legacies.

The Key to Rapid Success is Mindset Re-programming, Energetic Alignment and Soul-led Strategy.

Many people struggled to keep their businesses running, and we were helping women start and scale their businesses. Our approach focuses on energetics, mindset and life coaching to elevate entrepreneurship in a unique blend of soul-led strategy through innate intuitive abilities, reprogramming mindsets, and energy recalibration to achieve results.

Through our coaching and mentoring, I’ve trained many spiritual and soulful entrepreneurial women and emerging leaders to finally take the plunge, starting and growing their businesses. We provide the support that most entrepreneurs lack and teach them how to establish a support network for themselves.

Energetic Marketing and Soulful Selling

By raising your energetic frequency to manifest your soul-aligned clients. Move from fear, lack, worry, frustration to passion, connection, and service so you can energetically magnetise your ideal clients instead of hunting for them.
Our training model calls on people to become vibrational matches to their desires, allowing the universe to grant their needs by increasing their self-worth and doing away with the scarcity mentality. We’ve built a coaching business from the ground up and thrived during an economic downturn. God is my CEO!
Our digital courses open people up to endless possibilities, inviting people to enter a zone of genius.

A Business Model that No Longer Worked

In 2019 we were doing around 40+ live events in London a year. Multiple venues, several team members and a business model primarily wrapped around in-person events. At the time we were generating around £750,00 a year. All that came to a standstill on 16th March 2020.

Yes, I freaked out… for about 2 days. Our primary business model no longer worked.

I hired two coaches, one for the energetics and one for strategy. All this was achieved during a pandemic! Financially this was a stretch, but I desired the support more than ever.

We were making big pivots in our businesses that felt scary and uncertain. I didn’t have everything figured out. I was making course corrections along the way. I was trusting my soul and the Creator more deeply. I was surrendering to the guidance within, even though to the outside world it made no logical sense.

My own body of work was in expansive channelled overflow. I was showing even more of my real self. People from all corners of the earth found me online and into our programs. Client testimonials came flooding it.

Claire Gorman joined the SoulAlign® Business Coaching program. She’s sold her first $12,000 package to a private client, launch a group program and made $14,000. She’s quit her day job as a hairdresser and working toward a $250,000 revenue goal! And she achieved that in full lockdown in Melbourne, Australia!

In 18 days I’ve booked 25 clients! Made £11K this month.
“Biggest achievement, I handed in my notice yesterday. As of the 29th April 2021, I will be officially fully employed in my own business!!! I have the full support from my manager, colleagues and partner. Most importantly I KNOW this is the best decision and the right decision! Bring it on.”
-Andrew Rowe

In the past 18 months, we’ve trained and coached more people than we had done in the previous 7 years!

Our strategy was working, and at an exponential rate. More people were been empowered through my work. Real people with real results. I had the evidence that what I was teaching was working.

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But, allow me to be very honest and vulnerable with you. For the first 7 years of Bourgeon (now called SoulAlign® Life) it was one hot mess. I was flying by the seat of my pants, I had no clue what I was doing. I was figuring things out on the job. The A-type personality in me loved the challenge. The rest of me lived in daily fear of feeling imperfect.

I was a graphic designer, turned web designer, turned interior designer who needed to fix her life and became a pretty good healer, psychic and spiritual teacher…
Oh, and now a business coach, mentor and advisor.

Yes, I am an overachiever. I’m always seeking to be the best version of myself.

I religiously worked on my self limiting beliefs about money, business, success, self-worth, abuse trauma… my business started to slowly improve. I started making more money. I started attracting more students to my classes. But the actual running of a business was still hit and miss.

I was missing something to go to the next level.

Bloody hard work will only get you so far, £246,000 exactly. I’d hit my upper limit. There was simply no more hours in the day to do more. I was exhausted in the hustle.

I believed in my mission, my calling. God’s grace was holding me, my family and my business together. It literally pulled me each and every day.

I hired my first success coach for £3000. And this is where my journey as an entrepreneur really begins. As a result, I hired my first official, on the payroll staff member, Sabrina. It was one of the first of many scary steps that put me out of my comfort zone. I had to learn to manage a team.
A good team member will either save you money or make you money. You’re also leveraging other people’s skills. Sabrina is super organised. Sabrina knows my needs before I know I need them.

By hiring a team to support me in business, my events grew. Bourgeon’s largest live meditation evening was 360 people!

The next coach I paid £15,0000 got me clear on my P&L – profit and loss and forecasting. This is super crucial in business. You must get clear with your numbers. I had been an ostrich burying my head in the sand. I hated numbers. But looking at your numbers is a liberating reality check.

One of my former coaches says;
“It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep.”

Then I hired my next coach for $60,000 and she elevated my business acumen. I sat at boardroom tables with beautiful, powerful women who were making up to $50 million dollars in their business annually! They had teams, they had the sophisticated business vocabulary and they knew how to scale their business. Their sales knowledge was far more advanced. I felt like a little kid at the grown-up table.

I had major imposter syndrome. I would hop onto the flight to Phoenix, Arizona with a fever, a broken toe (which I got trying to pack the night before in the dark.) I broke a shoe during the group photo. I can laugh about it now.

But I learnt, watched and implemented ferociously.

These women didn’t have complex business products or services. In fact, most were selling just one thing! One product or one program. One of the most powerful lessons I learnt is to keep the business simple – don’t offer too many options.

I learned less is better.

Less is actually more.

DO less, but better.

As a result, my business turnover increased by 27%

So here’s what I learnt, I wish I had gotten support so much sooner. I’d be so much further ahead. I would have saved myself tens of thousands of pounds in costly mistakes, and the year’s trying to figure it out all on my own.

I invite you to book a Clarity call to speak with our team about your next big bold moves. It’s time to stop waiting for things outside of you to change. The change must begin from within first.

This is for the soulful emerging leader who is ready to meet with our senior coaching team to audit your life and business, identify the key blocks that are holding you back. To find your greatest potential for joyful growth, and make a simple plan to implement without stress, complexity, or working more.

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